FIT screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers. The good news is that CRC incidence and mortality can be reduced significantly if detected early enough.

Faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) are non-invasive and can detect blood in stool invisible to the naked eye. Due to its simplicity, FIT is currently considered the best non-invasive test for CRC screening.

Invest a little time in your own health by taking the FIT to prevent or detect colon cancer early on.
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  • FIT: effective rule-out testing 
assistant for symptomatic patients
    FIT: effective rule-out testing
    assistant for symptomatic patients

FIT in Symptomatic Testing

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Europe with almost 1.5 million new cases diagnosed each year. Symptoms such as rectal bleeding, unexplained weight loss, anaemia, abdominal pain and an altered bowel habit may be associated with CRC, but will usually have another explanation.

FIT tests can detect blood in stools invisible to the naked eye. They are an effective triage for physicians when determining which patients will most likely benefit from further invasive investigation.

FIT tests, as a non-invasive test, are more accurate and predictive than the well-known qualitative tests. The results deliver a higher test performance and are therefore a more accurate basis for clinical decision-making.  

Less than 250 FIT samples/day

For low throughput needs, you can nevertheless make use of Sysmex’s experience in FIT testing and take advantage of the superior clinical decision-making compared to standard rapid tests.

For faecal immunological samples from symptomatic patients in a routine lab, we recommend the patented universal FOB Gold® tube that can be placed in the majority of clinical chemistry analysers. Please get in touch for more information as to which analysers have been validated.

Please select below the option 'Less than 250 FIT samples/day' for the FOB Gold® general features.



More than 250 FIT samples/day

In clinical settings with high volumes of symptomatic tests, as a result of which batching is impractical, it is preferable to have a dedicated system. Economically and practically, the cut-off for this is usually around 250 tests per day. In this case, we offer the SENTiFIT® 270 plus the dedicated SENTiFIT® pierceTube.

FIT in Screening

Walk-Away FIT solutions for high throughput

Dedicated solution for medium throughput

More information on FIT for CRC screening

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