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Sysmex CA-660


  • Runs main clinically important clotting analyses
  • Easy to use, up to 60 samples/hour
  • Dedicated interface to Sysmex’s online services
  • Colour LCD touch screen and integrated barcode reader
  • Robust analyser that will serve you for years

CA-620 – reliable, robust coagulation testing

The CA-620 is a compact, fully automated coagulation analyser. It combines proven and successful characteristics – such as the optical detection technology and the reagent system of its predecessors ‒ with new features. It is great as a primary analyser for routine coagulation testing in low-volume haemostasis laboratories. Or as a powerful backup instrument in a larger lab. The CA-620 has a solid construction in line with our advanced Silent Design concept, is hardwearing and robust. And with its reliable performance, it will support you day in, day out, for years to come.

Strong performance, high quality results

Strong performance, high quality results

The CA-620 runs all the main clinically important clotting analyses. This includes basic routine tests such as PT, APTT, Fibrinogen and TT. It also runs specialty tests, such as coagulation factors, Lupus anticoagulant and Protein C activity. The reproducibility of the PT and APTT tests complies with CLSI guidelines. And since we have included an additional washing position, the risk of carry-over is minimised. It delivers results you know you can trust, so you can make right decisions. You can optimise your patient care and gain safety through preoperative screening and therapy monitoring.

Silent Design

Silent Design

At Sysmex, we are known around the world for the excellence of our products. We are on a journey on which we always aim to excel. One key area is making sure our products truly meet the needs of our customers on all levels. And this includes their design.

Design is far more than just the way a product looks. It influences the entire user experience. Our answer is our Silent Design concept.

Silent Design is not about sound. It is about distilling products down to the essence. Providing our users with what they really need. Making the experience precise and elegant. And ensuring our products are unobtrusive yet distinctly powerful.

Within our Silent Design concept, we are focusing on five main principles to continuously improve the user experience.

  • Person
  • Space
  • Surface
  • Series
  • Longevity

Our Silent Design products take into account five key principles to create a positive experience. Between the product and the person. By making great use of the available space. Thanks to easy interaction with the device. Consistency in looks and operation. And an assurance of long product lifecycles.

The result? Products that are unmatched in terms of technology, offer a superb user experience, and reflect our global leadership Position.

Simplifying daily laboratory work

Simplifying daily laboratory work

Thanks to a colour LCD touch screen and an integrated barcode reader, the CA-620 is safe and easy to use. And because sample identification is automated, you can be confident you’re always running the tests that are needed on the right samples. You no longer have to batch samples either, which reduces the time you need to do your tests. Since calibration curves are established through simple steps, we’ve managed to cut your calibration time, while the CA-620’s ease of use really helps minimise the risk of errors.

Maintenance requirements are low so that the system is efficient with little downtime. Integrated reagent cooling increases on-board reagent stability. Thanks to a range of sensor functions, the system is particularly safe to operate.

Advanced software, data handling and networking

Advanced software, data handling and networking

The CA-620 is easy to service thanks to its error log capacity and a new type of memory card. It’s easier to set up and update the analyser, and to back up and restore user data and settings.

Using an optional hand-held 2D barcode reader, you can register data of reagents, standards and controls safely, simply and quickly, free up time for other processes and improve your lab’s productivity. This reagent management system and positive sample recognition will also help you meet the growing regulatory demands with respect to documentation, accreditation and traceability.

The CA-620 can help you and your lab stay one step ahead: via a dedicated interface, you can connect it to SNCS, Sysmex’s online services, which will offer a range of innovative service support processes.



Detection principles

  • clotting: scattered light detection method

No. of detector channels

  • clotting: 4 channels


  • clotting   PT, APTT , Fbg, TT , Coagulation Factor Assays (II, V, VII, Viii, IX, X, XI, XII ), Lupus Anticoagulant (screening and confirmation), Protein C, Batroxobin


  • max. 60 tests per hour

Test protocols

  • up to 14 programmable


  • 1 dedicated position

Sample volumes

  • min. 50 μL (PT, APTT, TT)
  • min. 10 μL (Fbg)
  • min. 5 µL (factor assays)

Reagent capacity

  • 13 positions (4 cooled and 3 dedicated to diluents, buffers or cleaning reagents)

Quality control

  • xbar / L-J control: 6 files at 180 points, 14 parameters

Data storage

  • up to 600 samples / max. 3,000 tests


  • colour LCD touch screen (user interface)
  • built-in thermal printer, prints data and graphics
  • built-in barcode reader for samples and STAT
  • 2D hand-held barcode reader for reagents (ISI, lot#, expiry date), calibrators (assigned value, lot#, expiry date), controls (target/limit, lot#, expiry date), samples/STAT (for sample search) (optional)             
  • SNCS capability (dedicated LAN port)
  • LIS (serial)

Dimensions/weights  main unit                                          

  • w x h x d [mm] / [kg]
  • 566 x 490 x 490 / approx. 42
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