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Sysmex CS-2000


  • Pre-analytical sample integrity check, cap-piercing technology and up to 180 samples per hour
  • Powerful multi-wavelength technology for up to 60 parameters
  • Efficient workflow, rapid turnaround and simultaneous random access
  • Network connection with online quality control
  • Expanded test portfolio

CS-2100i - Advanced coagulation testing designed with you in mind

If you have a large lab with high coagulation analysis throughput and rely on the quality of your results - at all times - this is a great solution. The CS-2100i is a fully automated blood coagulation analyser that analyses large sample volumes at high productivity rates. Thanks to advanced technology like multi-wavelength detection and four analysis methods it offers superb accuracy. And like all Sysmex devices, it is backed by some of the industry’s leading knowledge and support.

Alongside the technical specs, we focused specifically on your needs when developing the CS-2100i. We used your feedback and our knowhow to improve your experience in four areas:

  • Sample management
  • Operation of the system
  • Reagent management
  • Troubleshooting support
Quality matters – pre-analytical sample integrity helps

Quality matters – pre-analytical sample integrity helps

Pre-analytical issues can account for as much as 70% of a clinical laboratory’s errors. Multi-wavelength scanning and sample liquid-sensing technologies detect unsuitable specimens. A pre-analytical sample integrity check tests for interfering substances in the sample – haemolysis, icterus, lipaemia – at three wavelengths: 405 nm, 575 nm and 660 nm.

In addition, a primary tube sample volume check provides assistance by identifying potential inaccuracies caused by improper sample collection, which can result in an incorrect ratio of anticoagulant to patient plasma.

Under specific conditions, the CS-2100i will automatically use the optimal wavelengths to ensure result accuracy in the presence of hemolysis, icterus or lipemia. This minimises the need for retesting and helps you deliver the highest quality results on your first test run.

Multi-wave detection - reduce your repeat tests

Multi-wave detection - reduce your repeat tests

Using a multi-wave detection system, the CS-2100i can simultaneously measure multiple parameters using four different measurement methods: coagulation, chromogenic, immunoassay and aggregation. The system’s photo-optical clot detection means you have several advantages compared to mechanical detection.

  • You can measure light transmittance over the entire course of clot formation, not just the end.
  • You can identify atypical reaction patterns easily and so determine the correct coagulation reaction result for your patients with unusual in vitro clot reactions such as sepsis and DIC.
  • The clotting reactions display the complete clot signature, not just a single data point, so that you get far more detailed test information and therefore better clinical utility.

Used on a single platform, the broad range of assays allows high test throughput – up to 180 samples per hour.

Cap piercing technology

Cap piercing technology

The cap piercing technology used on the CS-2100i is a third-generation technology. It is backed by decades of experience in laboratories around the world to provide the best user experience we can. There are two major benefits with devices that use cap-piercing technology: clearly there is absolutely no physical interaction with biohazardous material, and there is a significantly reduced risk of airborne infections.

Advanced, cooled reagent system – flexible and cost-efficient

Advanced, cooled reagent system – flexible and cost-efficient

In the CS-2100i, we have critically addressed the usability of our coagulation analysers – based on extensive input from users and our own knowhow. One of the results is our new, cooled reagent system.
Reagent racks are now placed in a double-ring reagent table capable of handling a total of 40 reagent bottles maintained at 10°C. The bottles are slightly tilted to reduce dead volume and reagent waste and maximize the number of tests per vial. One position on each reagent rack can stir reagents so you can use reagents that require continuous mixing.
Together with a onboard capacity of 1000 cuvettes you can achieve a long walk-away time. To reduce the risk of errors, there is an optional automatic quality control when vials are changed.  

Overall, the CS-2100i can potentially cut your costs by optimizing the use of our reagents. You can maximise the number of tests per vial through tilting and greater stability thanks to cooling and reduced evaporation. This is enhanced further through automatic rerun, reflex testing and continuous reagent loading.

Automatic analysis and automatic reflex testing

Automatic analysis and automatic reflex testing

Abnormal samples turn up in every laboratory. The CS-2100i deals with them quickly and efficiently. All samples whose data exceed the laboratory’s pre-set limits are automatically reanalysed with or without redilution. You’ll notice this significantly streamlines the workload to identify and reanalyse abnormal samples. Reagents, samples and cuvettes are loaded continuously for uninterrupted processing.

User definable reflex and rerun testing is initiated as soon as the test results exceed the laboratory’s pre-set limits. Again this significantly cuts your workload. The CS-2100i will automatically perform another test or rerun the first test, with or without redilution, and so provide further information on the abnormal samples. This delivers advanced analytical capabilities for your laboratory.

Well connected and intuitive

Well connected and intuitive

The CS-2100i can be connected to the well-known SNCS, or Sysmex Network Communication System. This great service lets you connect to our customer support centre for online support. Should ever the need arise, it will let you troubleshoot questions or issues. There’s also an automatic abnormality check and a web information service.  

We have designed the analyser’s software in such a way that it is easy and intuitive to use, and so have reduced training requirements too. The enhanced help system, on board as standard, increases availability by showing intelligent messaging, and if you want you can print a maintenance management checklist and so easily keep track of the management tasks you still have to perform. 



Detection principle
multi-wavelength detector for transmitted light at 340, 405, 575, 660 and 800 nm

Detection methods
10 channels for clotting, chromogenic and immunoassays; 4 channels for platelet aggregation

up to 60 parameters can be analysed simultaneously

up to 180 tests/h

rack type auto sampler with cap piercing functionality*, an initial capacity for 10 racks with 10 sample
tubes each, and continuous loading possibility; separate STAT positions

Reagent holder
40 positions cooled at 10 °C; 5 positions at room temperature; all positions with positive reagent identification

Reference curves
multi-lot management with max. 10 curves per reagent lot and max. 10 reagent lots per parameter

Quality control

X-bar, Levey-Jennings and Westgard control
750 parameter files with max. 1,200 data points each

Data storage
up to 10,000 samples

Dimensions/weights     w x h x d [mm] / [kg]
main unit                        approx. 775 x 675 x 865 / 100
pneumatic unit               approx. 280 x 400 x 355 / 17
IPU                                 approx. 356 x 317 x 129 / 15



*only available on CS-2100i

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