Sysmex Danmark
Sysmex XN-3000


  • Fully integrated slide maker & stainer
  • For labs with steady, medium workload and relatively high smear rate
  • Choose diagnostic APPs as needed
  • Integrated backup concept
  • Short turnaround times


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XN-3000 - superb diagnostics and performance

The XN-3000 configuration includes two XN analysis modules and a high-quality, fully-integrated slide maker and stainer module, our SP-10 unit. This offers great productivity while taking up minimal space. The XN-3000 also has the excellent Extended information-processing unit (IPU) on board as standard that can intelligently route and control your sample and data workflow.

If you have a medium-sized lab with a fair smear rate, you will appreciate the detail in the XN-3000 setup. Because the two analysis modules process rack samples simultaneously, it can accommodate any sample without slowing down – the modules work together perfectly. And you don’t lose any precious time, even with abnormal samples.

The XN-3000 has a single point of entry and a single point of exit. Reflex testing occurs within the same loop, and before samples pass the SP-10 module. Sample racks are then sent to the SP-10 module where the samples needing a smear are removed. Like extended measurements, smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value. The analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making and staining, but you may also order this up front, for instance with known special samples.

XN-Series specifications

XN-Series specifications

Fluorescence Flow Cytometry in all modes

Aspiration volume    
88µL in all modes

starting from 100 samples/h

Quality control    
XN Check and XN Check BF

28 diagnostic parameter always standard
XN-CBC = always with NRBC
XN-DIFF = efficiency of XE-5000
16 diagnostic parameters are optional

Core models
XN-1000, XN-2000, XN-3000 or XN-9000



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