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  • Fluorescence flow cytometry for high quality haematology analysis
  • More than blood alone – a dedicated mode for body fluids
  • Extended Diagnostic Capabilities on board (IG, Ret, Ret-He, IRF)
  • Sysmex Gold standard reticulocyte technology for monitoring erythropoietic status (Ret, Ret-He, IRF)
  • Online QC, optimised workflow, cost-efficient reagent consumption

XT-4000i – Outstanding diagnostics plus dedicated body fluid analysis

The XT-4000i really is an outstanding haematology analyser. Using Sysmex’s unique fluorescence flow cytometry, the analyser looks at RNA/DNA content, cell size and inner cell complexity rather than just cell size. This generates remarkably accurate results and a superb WBC differential.

For those who need special capabilities, the XT-4000i has a separate, dedicated true body fluid mode. It has Sysmex’s famous gold standard reticulocyte technology on board as standard for monitoring erythropoietic status (Ret, Ret-He, IRF), as well as true quantitative IG counting instead of mere flagging. And it is particularly precise for RBC and PLT parameters thanks to hydrodynamic focusing.  

The analyser is practical and can be adapted to your own particular workflow. You will appreciate its cost-effective reagent consumption, and the fact that you can adapt the diagnostic sensitivity to your own laboratory needs through its unique Q-flags. You can also attach it to our network communication system for online quality control.

Dedicated body fluid mode

Dedicated body fluid mode

Analysing body fluids (BF), particularly cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), requires great focus from the laboratory since the specimen material is so delicate. This, and the many manual preparatory steps, mean analysis results tend to vary greatly, and so impair the information that is so crucial for clinicians and their patients. The XT-4000i provides a count for white and red blood cells found in CSF and other body fluids, as well as a total nucleated cell (TNC) count. This count can include condition, erythrophages, tumour cells, mesothelial cells and plasma cells, if present.

Thanks to our expertise in cell counting technology, you can now count and classify particles even in low concentration ranges. You no longer have to specially prepare the sample material. Simply hold the sample tube under the instrument’s aspiration needle and it does the cell counting for you automatically.

True reticulocyte count

True reticulocyte count

Using fluorescence flow cytometry, reticulocytes can be distinguished from mature red blood cells and white blood cells. You can reduce the interference between these cells to a minimum and even distinguish and quantify mature and immature reticulocytes. This leads to far more accurate results.

Anaemia is often underestimated as a functional condition of red blood cells. But only the combined information provided by quantity- and quality-related reticulocyte parameters provides the whole picture behind anaemia diagnosis. The XT-4000i can deliver this information as standard. Compared to the haemoglobin value or other RBC parameters, the RET-He value and parameter combinations enable significantly faster control during iron and/or erythropoietin therapy.

True immature granulocyte count

True immature granulocyte count

To increase your analytical possibilities, your XT-4000i offers a classic 5-part differential and a true immature granulocyte (IG) count, with far superior clinical utility than the flagging offered by other technologies. IG supports the quick detection of inflammation and infections, and lets you monitor treatment. It also means you can reduce the number of smears because in most cases you no longer need to count IG manually.  

High quality analysis – adaptable, quick and cost-efficient

High quality analysis – adaptable, quick and cost-efficient

The XT-4000i is available with a range of options so you can adapt it to the requirements of your laboratory. As standard, samples are processed at 80 samples/h regardless of the profile analysed. A STAT function lets you analyse emergency samples immediately.

Sample-specific selective testing adapts the reagent consumption to actual analytical needs. Even if the system is operated offline without its bar code system, you maintain selective sample analysis by using the work list function.

A 50-tube cap-piercing auto-sampler with continuous feeding of samples offers walk-away automation. No matter whether a manual or an automated bar code reader is used, adequate positive sample identification gives confidence.

Compact yet powerful

Compact yet powerful

Space comes at a premium in labs, so we looked at ways to reduce this device’s footprint and intrusion. Thanks to its small laser, clever use of reagents and low aspiration volume (just 85μL in manual mode), this true 5-part differential analyser is one of the most compact in its class.

Reliable and ready when you are

Reliable and ready when you are

The last thing you want is to wait for your machines to be ready. Thanks to its efficient semiconductor laser, the XT-4000i is ready to use when needed. We use only high-quality components in manufacturing to ensure your device lasts a long time. And because of our attention to detail, you can count on continuous smooth operation even when analysing body fluids.

The only daily preventive maintenance you or your staff will have to perform is to administer the cleaning reagent for the fully automated shutdown sequence at the end of your day.



Novel body fluid mode

Cell counts (white and red cell counts, total nucleated cell count)

for CSF, serous fluids, synovial fluid – and expandable to others
Clinically useful information on possible inflammatory processes or infections


Extended white blood cell differential

Detection or therapy monitoring of inflammations and infections (IG, HFLC)

Diagnosis of MDS (NEUT-X)

Extended red blood cell analysis

Efficiency evaluation of erythropoiesis (RET-He, IRF, RPI)

Therapy monitoring with anaemia of chronic diseases (RET-He)

Differential diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia, haemolytic anaemia or thalassaemia

(RET-He, %HYPO-He, %MicroR, FRC, RBC-He, Delta-He)


fluorescence flow cytometry: WBC DIFF, IG, RET, IRF, PLT-O

DC sheath flow: PLT, RBC, HCT; SLS method (cyanide-free): HGB

Diagnostic parameters

whole blood mode:




body fluid mode:



up to 100 samples /h

Aspiration volume

approx. 85 μL in manual open mode incl. body fluid mode

approx. 150μL in sampler mode/manual closed mode

approx. 40μL sample volume in capillary mode

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