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Job application tips

So you like what you have read so far? And one of our open positions appeals to you? Or perhaps you would like to send us your CV and other relevant information in case there is something suitable in the future?

In both cases, you should send us a job application. Below you will find advice on how to put together a great application and the information that is important to us.

Cover letter

Your cover letter is your first contact with us – your calling card if you like. Make use of this opportunity and convince us that, of all the other candidates, you are the one for the position. Try and answer the following questions convincingly:

  • Why would you like to work for us?
  • Why are you the candidate that we imagined for this particular position?
  • What do you expect from your job, and what do you expect from us?

The cover letter should not be longer than a page. Remember that this is your opportunity to promote yourself as our new potential colleague. Don’t be too modest, but don’t exaggerate either. Find a compromise and you will likely make a good impression.

And don’t worry if you do not have the name of an individual to write to. Using ‘Dear Sir, Madam’, is just fine.

Your CV

A good CV is clearly structured, has no gaps and is easy to read. In general, CVs consists of a table that reflects your most important education and professional history.  Please provide a chronological listing: starting with your education followed by your jobs, or the other way round.

Don’t forget to indicate things such as language skills, additional qualifications and knowledge, hobbies, non-job-related activities, etc. at the end of your CV.

How do I prepare for the job interview?

Firstly, don’t worry too much. Of course you will benefit from a certain amount of background information – who we are, what we do, etc. Take a look at our website and other sources to find out about Sysmex and the requirements for the position that interests you. It creates a solid basis to start our discussion and ensures we have the same objective.

In the end though, the interview is about getting to know you better and finding out whether we are a match. It’s important to us that you answer all outstanding questions in the interview. And you have the chance to ask what you want about the company and the job. It should be pleasant for everyone involved and make clear whether we have a future together!

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