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Updates & information on COVID-19

Dear customers and business partners,

The health and safety of our Sysmex employees, customers and business partners as well as meeting our support and service commitments are our main priorities during these unprecedented times.

According to the increasing incidence of COVID-19 worldwide and in particular in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), we have reviewed our activities and escalated our preventive measures. Sysmex is following all precautionary advice of the World Health Organization and the local government.

As a global company, Sysmex has a moral obligation to consider the severity of the outbreak and the need for products and services in different countries, while making decisions on how to allocate products.

Regarding the business in EMEA we can state that:

  • We are making every possible effort to allow business processes to continue as usual.
  • However, for technical services at customer premises, travel and access restrictions by local authorities and health care institutions might apply. Please contact your local Sysmex representative for details.
  • The production of products, reagents and spare parts is secured, and we do not see issues or any impact on availabilities with the supply of raw materials from our providers.
  • Our reagent, consumable device and spare part manufacturing facilities in Japan, Germany and France are operating normally and taking appropriate steps to maintain supplies.
  • We would like to reassure our customers that there is no contamination risk associated with Sysmex products.
  • As a cautionary measure, we have started to progressively increase our safety stock of products, including at our affiliate locations.
  • We are working closely with our forwarding agents to ensure the smoothest possible movement of goods.
  • We expand our digital training services by offering numerous product-related training courses for basic and advanced content but also scientific webinars on Sysmex Academy Online (

Sysmex is closely monitoring the situation globally and regularly assesses associated risks to keep customers, business partners and employees safe and well-informed.

If you have any questions, please contact us through this website or get in touch with our EMEA Corporate Communications team:

Best regards,

Alain Baverel

President & CEO
Sysmex Europe GmbH

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- Summaries of the study results are provided for convenience only and are not intended to convey any views of Sysmex on the study or the products used therein.
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