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Digital morphology

Digital morphology can facilitate work in the laboratory significantly, increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Our digital imaging systems DI-60 and DC-1 provide great advantages in the standardisation of digital morphology. Since the systems use the same processes for each sample, the cell classification is always carried out in the same way to avoid human errors. In addition, the images of the cells are compared with the data from a standardised neural network database, increasing the accuracy of the cell determination significantly.

Cells are automatically detected and displayed on a single screen to immediately identify cell anomalies, saving an enormous amount of time compared to manual counting. All data is then stored electronically and is available at any time. Manual entries are redundant, while access to images from the patient’s history enables real-time data comparison.

Digital morphology allows you to lower labour costs and create capacity for more valuable jobs. Thanks to improved standardisation and more precise classification, digital morphology can also improve the quality of patient care.

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