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XN-L productivity values

Rerun & Reflex

XN-L Rerun & Reflex

Modern labs are all about efficiency. ‘Rerun & Reflex’ reduces TATs and results are received more quickly when a sample needs to be reanalysed due to technical and/or analytical reasons. On all models you are notified immediately and the XN-550 will even rerun the samples automatically for you so correct results are reported directly. The sampler of XN-550 automatically feeds the samples that need reanalysing back into the workflow. Thanks to this integrated reflex testing, you no longer have to select and reload samples manually.

Intelligent Rack Sampling

XN-L Intelligent Rack Sampling

Besides ‘Rerun & Reflex’, our XN-550 offers ‘Intelligent Rack Sampling’ and continuous loading as standard to help increase the efficiency of your workflow. With the integrated Intelligent Rack Sampling you can measure raised bottom tubes automatically and more quickly so you can improve your overall workflow productivity. It shortens the time you need to report to your customers and ensures a high quality of results.

Low WBC, or L-WBC

XN-L Low WBC, or L-WBC

Samples with a low white blood cell concentration can be re-measured in the special ‘low WBC mode’. The optional APP ‘L-WBC’ (Low WBC) improves reliability when analysing leucocytopenic samples. When the WBC count and differential results are defined as unreliable because of low cell numbers, the system automatically triggers the L-WBC analysis to ensure statistically sound results. You can also order it in advance, possibly for known leucocytopenic patients, reducing the manual operation time. It is also very useful for PBSCT since it helps to confirm the engraftment. The L-WBC mode is also interesting for the monitoring of agranulocytosis, providing a particularly accurate count of neutrophils and helping in the decision of G-CSF administration.


XN-L Speed-up

To increase your throughput to 70 samples/hour in whole blood mode, the optional ‘Speed-up’ application can be selected. This feature allows busy labs or labs with the vision of growing in the future to increase their throughput, decreasing the TAT in the lab.



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