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XR-Series comes with Sysmex’s approach to holistic service

Holistic service for a 360° user experience that helps you get the most out of your investment 

An excellent user experience needs more than a smooth workflow and great results. The better supported you are and the fewer things you have to be concerned about, the more you can focus on providing meaningful diagnostics. We take care that everything around the actual sample processing, from QC to maintenance, is running smoothly, and that we provide expertise and knowledge in terms of training, documentation and security issues to you.

New support function also on XR-Series

Assay Data Auto-Download for a convenient QC experience 

Assay Data Auto-Download for a convenient QC experience 

The QC Assay Data Auto-Download (ADAD) feature of the Sysmex Support Manager enables hands-free, automated download of QC and calibrator assay data. New assay data is provided via a secure Sysmex server to the analyser weeks before the QC and calibrator materials are scheduled to be used. 

  • Whenever a QC vial with a new lot number is initially measured on the XR analyser, the new QC lot and level are automatically detected. 
  • The QC file is registered in the XR IPU without any need for manual intervention. 
  • In the same manner, calibrator data is automatically made available at calibration. 

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Quality control at a top level: we support your quality goals

Sysmex makes quality an absolute priority, from the quality of our analysers to our service and the way we interact with others. To ensure a consistently high quality level of your XR solution, the whole system – the analyser including the reagents – needs to be monitored constantly so possible systematic errors will be reliably detected. This minimises rework, while you can rely on the accuracy of the results. 

To this end, we have devised the Sysmex quality concept for best haematology analyser performance, consisting of a comprehensive set of quality control components, flanked by education and support offerings: 

Caresphere™ XQC is Sysmex’s inter-laboratory comparison programme. Participating in it will give you extra confidence in your analytical performance by benchmarking your XR analyser(s) with the biggest peer groups in haematology – groups using the same Sysmex analyser series, lot number of QC material, and measurement method. 

To make quality control more convenient and faster, the assay data auto-download functionality of the Support Manager is bound to relieve you – check it out below. 

Education and training are part of our key support areas

Growing your knowledge is our priority. Which is why we offer all our scientific and operational expertise with Sysmex Academy, our unique portal for all your training objectives. Classroom training, digital training and webinars are accessible in multiple languages for countries in the EMEA region. 

Just sign up, browse through our catalogue and find the courses you need in the blink of an eye.

Peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your XR solution

Sysmex firmly believes in delivering excellent service. Same as high-quality products and provision of knowledge, it is one of the key assets for a great user experience. From technical service to product IT security, we are here to support you. Proactively and whenever needed.

Technical service

Technical service

Our technical service comes in a variety of ways, from onsite visits to online support and remote services.* 

Your local Sysmex representative takes care that you receive the service you expect from us. With a dense network of service technicians, there’s bound to be a technician near you, and service hotlines support you quickly and effectively.* 

But there’s more to it. With remote service functionalities, the devices interact with Sysmex – without you having to take care of this. Remote services offer you assured quality – they ensure you have rapid service response times and maximum system uptime. 

  • The Support Manager identifies early warning signs by monitoring the analysers’ operational data 24/7, allowing you to plan maintenance visits at your convenience. 
  • Remote troubleshooting helps to pinpoint and resolve issues faster, increasing instrument uptime and ensuring the high analytical and technical performance standards you expect from Sysmex. 

* Please note that some offerings may only be available in certain countries. Please check with your local Sysmex representative for further details. 

Product IT security

Product IT security

While in vitro diagnostics medical devices have become more connected and reliant on information technology than ever before, they have become more exposed to emerging cybersecurity vulnerabilities, which can jeopardise the security and safety of patients and operators or lead to the loss or disclosure of sensitive health data. 

Cybersecurity is a highly valued topic both within and outside the Sysmex company, for any data we handle, for installed products as well as yet to be developed ones. We have established regulations and policies, and we actively participate in and support national and international initiatives and associations to this end. 

Being a partner, we are committed to offering you optimal support for safeguards across your facilities and provide you with the information you need. 

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