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UN-Series: Urinalysis lab automation tailored to you

With the UN-Series you can automate your lab’s urinalysis work area according to your workflow preferences. With modular components to mix and match, you can tailor a complete solution that is scalable to your current and future needs, providing a perfect fit while securing your investment.

The components to build your individual urinalysis solution

  • The urine flow cytometers UF-5000 and UF-4000, based on our globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry and with body fluid analysis available at the flick of a switch, will benefit laboratories of any size.
  • Our UC-3500 is a fully automated chemistry analyser that takes test strip analysis two steps further, with both microalbumin and creatinine analysis on board. For smaller workloads, the semi-automated chemistry analyser UC-1000 is the right choice, whether used integrated or stand-alone.
  • Add our digital imaging unit, the UD-10, for samples that need further investigation by particle analysis.
  • The new optional decapping module TH-11 automates your urinalysis workflow seamlessly right from the point of sample entry.
  • To round off the offering, our U-WAM takes care of the data and sample management.

Fully automated laboratory urinalysis: Just load your sample tubes on the TH-11 and walk away until it is time to validate the results on the U-WAM.

Implement the workflow that is just right for your urinalysis work area

While the UN-Series can cover the complete urinalysis workflow it offers you maximum flexibility in setting up your desired workflow. Because of its modularity, you can configure your solution to cover only the parts you require.

Whatever your selection, there will be no more hands-on urinalysis as the whole process is automated, and you get all the results on one screen, with all data centralised in one workstation.

  • Full line or stand-alone: choose what meets your needs best.
  • Use test strip analysis first or start directly with urine flow cytometry.
  • Don’t waste time looking at samples you don’t have to see – use imaging only for selected samples.
  • Customise your workflow with individual rule settings.
  • Optional decapping module for the highest level of automation.

An automation solution that keeps pace with your lab

Whichever UN-Series configuration you start with, you can flexibly up- or downscale it at any time – for example if the workload increases, order profiles change, or you need to split your solution. This means your urinalysis work area automation will always adapt to your lab’s demands.

  • Connect up to nine modules in one fully automated line.
  • Develop your solution further by adding new modules at a later stage.
  • Add entry and exit modules to load more racks on the system, and so handle more sample tubes at a time.
  • All configurations are available as benchtop models or with wagons.

Total lab automation with the world’s first bi-directional urinalysis connection

Change the way of urinalysis by connecting your UN-Series to the Inpeco FlexLab™ automation. The modular and flexible concept enables a solution tailored to your individual workflow.

  • Fully automated bi-directional workflow
  • No manual touch points with urine samples anymore
  • Connect up to five UN-Series analysers to the Inpeco track
  • Loading and unloading of samples with a throughput of up to 350 samples/hour
Microbiology lab

Microbiology lab

Run your incoming samples initially on the UF-5000/4000 to find out whether samples are positive or negative for bacteriuria. Using a UF in your microbiology lab allows you to rapidly identify negative samples and proceed immediately with the UTI-positive ones. Using the additional Gram info from the UF, you can select specific culture media for incubating the positive samples and check possible treatment options.

With this workflow, you can save a lot of time as initial results become available within minutes instead of days. This means you can start treatment earlier and more targeted, and know at once when you can go without treatment.

For visualisation and archiving of all cell types you wish to see, for instance for education purposes, you can add a UD-10 digital imaging device as an option to your UF.

Biochemistry lab

Biochemistry lab

Start processing your urine samples with fast screening by the UC-3500, using test strips that include both creatinine and microalbumin tests. Based on the results of the test strip, the data manager U-WAM decides by rule settings which samples need to undergo sediment analysis.

This happens fully automatically. With up to 27 parameters, particle analysis by the UF is very comprehensive, covering all pathological particle types and differentiating the relevant ones. If more investigation of certain particles is requested, you can perform manual sediment for those samples or opt for a UD-10, fully automating your urinalysis right through.

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