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Increased efficiency and confidence for clinical flow cytometry

The XF-1600 flow cytometer offers clinical flow cytometry laboratories a robust, high-performance system for highly efficient and reliable data collection.

The instrument integrates a multi-laser optical layout with a fluidics design proven in Sysmex’s XN-Series haematology analysers for reliable performance. Stable fluidics – even at high sample acquisition rates – ensure the system is capable of rapid data collection and analysis with high sensitivity. This is complemented by an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Together with the sample preparation system PS-10 and Rotolavit II-S, the XF-1600 offers an intelligent automation solution that helps laboratories simplify their processes and increase workflow efficiency with confidence in their results. The complete system adds automation where it matters. Especially for busy clinical flow cytometry laboratories, this can offer an added level of standardisation, reduction of human handling errors and ensure a traceability of samples, reagents, and processing steps through the entire process.

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency.


Reliable performance – confidence in the results  

The XF-1600 uses innovative technology and fluidics to provide high detection sensitivity even at high sample flow rates. Because the fluidics are based on the proven and trusted fluidics design from our XN-Series haematology analysers, the sample flow is extremely stable. This allows rapid data acquisition at high flow rates – for example, in the case of minimal residual disease (MRD) analysis – without loss of sensitivity.

Quality data starts with reliable QC. The XF-1600 software is equipped to perform quality control and monitoring of instrument performance, with easy-to-read radar and Levey-Jennings charts.

Like Sysmex’s other diagnostic devices and solutions, the XF-1600 demonstrates a reliability essential for a clinical laboratory which cannot afford to have down-time, and is backed by the exceptional service laboratories expect from a global leader in diagnostic laboratory solutions.

Simplifying processes for a new level of workflow efficiency

The XF-1600 is designed to be part of a fully integrated clinical flow cytometry solution that covers your sample and data flow from sample receipt through to data analysis and report generation.

Direct transfer of the bar-coded, multi-tube rotors from the PS-10 and Rotolavit II-S sample preparation devices to the XF-1600 autoloader offers efficient workflow, without needing to physically handle individual tubes. Automated worklist transfer improves efficiency and ensures data integrity.

The optional offline analysis software* VenturiOne® adds data analysis functionalities to streamline analytics and reporting. Uni- or bi-directional connection of the XF-1600 to the laboratory information system (LIS) is optionally possible.


Making your lab life easier

Other features not only contribute to improving efficiency, but also help simplify your daily work:

Sysmex’s intuitive user interface makes the XF-1600 easy to use for all laboratory staff. Users can access all the major functions in just one click from the main screen.

Easy-to-access audit, reagent replacement, maintenance and error logs offer a full overview and record of your instrument and user operations – and support you in meeting your daily requirements for quality management processes.

Sample tube handling is flexible: you can use either a single tube in manual mode, or an automated mode. In automated mode, samples are loaded on a 12- or 24-tube rotor, providing walk-away acquisition of up to 24 samples. For urgent samples that require expedited analysis, a STAT function allows the user to interrupt the ongoing acquisition of samples.


*VenturiOne® software is for Research Use Only.
XF-1600 is compliant with the EU Regulation 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.
Please contact your local Sysmex representative regarding the availability of this product in your country.
VenturiOne® is a registered trademark of Applied Cytometry.

Technical Specifications
Principles and technology
  • 3 spatially separated lasers: 405 nm, 488 nm and 638 nm
  • operating system (OS): Windows 10 professional (64bit) FCS format 3.0
Fluorescence detectors
  • 10 fluorescence channels (see table for details)
  • 37 measurable parameters simultaneously record pulse-area, -height, -width and -time data from 12 detection channels.
Sample tube capacity
  • standard single tube loading port and rotor-based autoloader with optional sample mixing capabilities
  • 12 or 24 tubes per rotor
Sample flow rate
  • 30 μL per minute and 60 μL per minute
  • 90 μL per minute and 120 μL per minute
Sample acquisition rate
  • up to 50,000 events per second and 5 million events per data file
Sensitivity: MESF
  • FITC < 100
  • PE < 50
  • APC < 100
Particle resolution
  • minimum 0.5 μm and up to 50 μm on scatter (FSC and SSC)
  • < 0.1%
  • sample tube rotors are compatible with the PS-10 sample preparation system and Rotolavit II-S automated cell washer
  • choice of languages in the user interface: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.


Fluorescence detectors

Channel Laser Optical filter Fluorochrome
FL 1 488 nm (blue) 530/30 FITC
FL 2 580/30 PE
FL 3 610/14 PE-DyLight 594
FL 4 700/50 PerCP-Cy5.5
FL 5 750LP PE-Cy7
FL 6 638 nm (red) 660/20 APC
FL 7 720/40 Alexa Fluor 700
FL 8 780/50 APC-Cy7
FL 9 405 nm (violet) 450/50 Pacific Blue
FL 10 540/80 Pacific Orange


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