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XR-9000: Excellence in performance – for high-end demands 

From a workload exceed 500 samples per day, an XR-9000 becomes the right choice for your lab, particularly if you need to perform a fair number of blood smears, too.

The fundamental components of an XR-9000 include at least two XR analysis modules, at least one SP-50 slide preparation unit, plus our work area manager, the Extended IPU. Since customer situations and needs vary significantly, we offer the XR-9000 in different core configurations, all of which are modular and scalable to best suit individual needs. You can expand your configuration at any time. 

With XR-9000, modularity and scalability are not just buzzwords, but a reality in our customers’ experience every day. Based on an in-depth analysis of your individual situation by our Workflow Consultancy service, we develop a tailored solution around your prime needs. By initially selecting individual modules, analytical applications and sample routing optimisation, you get the most efficient sample processing system – on the smallest footprint possible. Intelligent sample routing and real-time reflex decisions achieve the best possible TAT for all samples. In addition, the surrounding processes can be optimised with a focus on eliminating process waste. This often reveals process-related hidden costs, which we can help you save, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Sample and validation workflows are easy to implement and adapt with the XR-Series’ automation solutions. The outcome: when a sample’s result is presented to you in the validation screen, you can be sure that the information needed to judge the results has already been generated by the system, even in several cascading steps, without manual intervention. 

Explore the many options that are available with XR-9000, and which can help to make it your XR-9000. 


Concentrated power – yet flexible and adaptable to individual and growing demands  

  • Complete automation for high workloads with process-optimised analysis capacity, auto reflex testing and minimised manual touchpoints. 
  • The modules process racks with samples simultaneously – the routing logic ensures the modules work together perfectly. This means you don’t lose any precious time, even with abnormal samples. 
  • The modular design of the XR-Series and its components allows you to upscale, for instance, sample throughput, meeting your required turnaround times with maximum walk-away time, even during peak hours. 
  • Our sample transport components, such as conveyor and sample entry / exit units, are the backbone of any XR-9000 and can be arranged flexibly. Per rack entry position, you can place 250 sample tubes (25 racks) at once. Should you need more loading capacity, simply expand the number of units up to four, allowing you to drop 1,000 sample tubes (100 racks) at once. 
  • Analysis of your current workflow including the identification of bottlenecks and improvement potential within the scope of the Workflow Consultancy service enables improving your process efficiency and optimising your workflow towards lean management while considering your surrounding processes. 

The fundamentals (standard and optional components)  

  • Each XR analysis module can be equipped with a range of optional analytical applications that deliver additional diagnostic support as needed. 
  • The fully integrated slide preparation unit SP-50 produces consistent, high-quality stained blood films for excellent cell morphology analysis and results. 
  • You can seamlessly integrate the optional DI-60 digital imaging module as part of your smear workflow, automating cell morphology analysis. With extensive networking capabilities, the DI-60 allows you to share morphology expertise within your organisation or across multiple sites, on-demand from anywhere at any time. 
  • All variations of the XR-9000 include the Extended information-processing unit (Extended IPU) as standard. It enhances the efficiency of your lab by intelligently managing your sample, order and data flow, including communication with the LIS.  
  • The Extended IPU offers a wide range of standard and optional rule sets for standardising your sample validation procedures and managing the entire automated reflex testing including the preparation and staining of smears. Your individual XR-9000 can be connected to a network that includes other XR solutions at other locations (e.g., satellite labs). All the rules and settings are then managed centrally. 
  • The WebViewer (an option within the Extended IPU) allows access to all graphical and numerical results using a web-based protocol, reaching beyond the physical borders of the laboratory. 
  • The integrated Sysmex Support Manager offers convenient functionalities that monitor the system’s performance, resulting in maximum system uptime and guaranteed service response times. Further, it provides the function of automatically downloading QC assay data with each new lot of QC materials (ADAD). 

The specialist components answering to higher complexity or the need for even more automation 

  • Our optional EDTA tube handling modules further improve operational workflow efficiency. Even complex sample workflows can be standardised and optimised.  
  • Ready for some impressive innovation in haematology automation? Then opt for the new BT-50 barcode terminal which does much more than reading barcodes: it stores XN Check in its integrated cooler unit and Cellclean Auto in its storage compartment, manages the automated transportation of quality control and cleaning materials to the individual modules according to flexibly set schedules, and initiates automatic start-up and flexible automated shutdowns. All of this contributes greatly to reducing manual tasks and providing peace of mind. 
  • Do you have a need for dedicated post-analysis and/or on-demand pre-analysis sorting of EDTA tubes, e.g., for storage, reflex testing, special orders, or rack optimisation? The TS-10 tube sorter is your sample manager offering optional pre-sorting, sorting and storage, and allows the integration* of ESR and/or HbA1C analyser modules dedicated to these particular analyses subsequent to blood counting and smear workflow. 
  • For laboratories with extremely high workloads and complex order profile combinations that require individual sample routing and workflow capabilities, the TS-10 opens up the possibility of configuring a dedicated expert line within the XR-9000 for reflex testing, while the bulk of samples is processed fast at a constant throughput in the initial part of the XR-9000 line. In such a set-up, subsequent HbA1c or ESR testing can be integrated* optionally at the end of the expert line. 
  • Integrating ESR testing* and HbA1c analyses* into the automated sample workflow of your XR-9000 minimises the touch points for EDTA test tubes. This shortens turnaround times as manual tasks are reduced to an absolute minimum. It also increases the walk-away time: tubes requiring ESR and/or HbA1c analysis are automatically transferred to the Interrliner and/or HLC-723 G11 analyser(s), respectively. Integration includes not only the analyser module itself but also the data flow: the intelligent workflow management ensures maximum sample throughput with minimal cycle time. This allows all EDTA analysis orders to be consolidated in a single tube per patient as they are processed in a single run. Once orders have been processed, the tubes are stored automatically or sorted for subsequent work areas. 
    • You can integrate up to three Interrliner modules and triple your ESR processing capacity – at shorter turnaround times. 
    • You can integrate up to six HLC-723 G11 modules in your XR-9000 and increase your HbA1c processing capacity up to sixfold. 
  • For high workloads, it can save a significant amount of time and effort for your staff to have high-volume reagents directly prepared from a concentrate and dispensed into the system rather than exchanging many individual containers throughout the day. Connect our reagent unit RU-20 to your XR-9000 and benefit from automated reagent preparation on site. 

*Not available in all countries 

Space is of the essence 

  • We offer space-saving twin conveyors that can accommodate two XR analysis modules close to each other. The close line-up of analytical devices allows reducing the footprint while maintaining effectivity. 
  • Rack entry and exit positions can be set up flexibly, also as a single point of entry/exit. This helps to make sample loading and unloading as convenient as possible for you.  
  • To make optimal use of your lab’s space, or when the available space does not allow a linear set-up, alternative designs can be configured: inner-L, outer-L, inner-U, outer-U, or Z shape. Incorporate one or two turning units (TU-40) into your XR-9000 configuration, and it will conform to your spatial directions. 

You will find more detailed information on individual hardware components, software options and applications on their dedicated web pages. 

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