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Biomedical Validation

Based on the official recommendations of the ‘Groupe Francophone d'Hématologie Cellulaire’ (GFHC), the optional Biomedical Validation rule set supports you in defining threshold values and different situations in which a blood smear review is desirable or RET reflex to explore RBC. It offers a standardised workflow for managing abnormal samples, so you can focus on the right results at the right time.

There’s a reason behind every abnormal count, so Biomedical Validation supports you with the interpretation of abnormal quantitative results. Searching for suspect results and looking at them from the patient angle supports physicians in their efforts for an early diagnosis and in making informed recommendations for further examinations or therapy, with the aim of providing the best possible patient care. 


Require something a little more personalised? You can customise the rules in the Biomedical Validation add-on to suit your laboratory’s specific requirements together with expert workflow analysts.



Genevieve F et al. (2014): Smear microscopy revision: propositions by the GFHC, Feuillets de Biologie (Vol LVI N° 317). Free download of the French and English version:

Cornet E et al. (2016): Evaluation and optimization of the extended information process unit (E-IPU) validation module integrating the sysmex flag systems and the recommendations of the French speaking cellular hematology group (GFHC). Scand J Clin Lab Invest. 76(6):465–71.

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