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SP-50 for human or animal whole blood samples

Sysmex’s automated slide preparation unit SP-50 standardises and accelerates the complete slide preparation and staining procedure of whole blood samples. You can use an SP-50 either for human blood samples or dedicated to veterinary diagnostics with animal blood samples. The SP-50 is equipped with the latest technology to produce a consistent, high-quality blood smear.

With an intelligent wedge method allowing user-definable settings for sample volume, speed, and angle of the spreader blade, the SP-50 produces blood films auto-adapted to the HCT value of each blood sample. The length of the blood smear guarantees a particularly wide monolayer area for performing the blood cell differential count and morphological analysis with the microscope.

Optimisation of a high-quality blood smear and staining are guaranteed using the RAL Classic Stains (May-Grünwald, Giemsa and Wright) in combination with the RAL buffer and Sysmex SP-Rinse. The RAL staining dyes and buffer enable stable and reproducible staining results and have excellent long-term stability.

The SP-50 is scalable and flexible, available in two configurations: SP-50 S (Standard) with a sample throughput of up to 30 slides per hour and the SP-50 H (High throughput) with a sample throughput of up to 75 samples per hour (excluding staining time). The two versions serve laboratories from the lower mid-workload to the high-end workload segment. Multiple SP-50 S and/or H systems can be installed in an XR-9000 or XN-9100 configuration.


SP-50 enables high-quality results

  • Consistency in blood smear quality, whether in human or veterinary diagnostics
  • Smooth smearing technique for an even distribution of cells in the smear
  • Wide monolayer area facilitating accurate blood cell differentiation and morphological assessment
  • Enables improved cell classification

Excellent technology with flexible settings

  • User-definable settings for sample volume, speed and angle of the spreader blade
  • Automated adjustment to up to 16 different sample haematocrit ranges
  • Variable dilution ratios of staining reagents
  • Gold standard staining bath technology
  • Optimised for May-Grünwald – Giemsa double staining or Wright single staining

User-friendly sample processing and system management

  • Fast and improved smear workflow with shorter turnaround times and track connection
  • User-friendly and easy handling
  • No direct contact with the blood sample – reduces biohazard exposure
  • Compatibility with micro-sample tubes and raised bottom tubes (RBT)
  • Unequivocal one/two-dimensional bar-coded sample identification printed on the frosted area of the slide by the integrated printer
  • Short staining times
  • Minimal routine maintenance
Technical Specifications
Configurations SP-50 S (Standard)
SP-50 H (High throughput)
Throughput SP-50 S: up to 30 slides / hour *
SP-50 H: up to 75 slides / hour *
Slide preparation time Double stain method: up to 20 minutes
Single stain method: up to 20 minutes
Sample aspiration volume

Regular sample tube: 70 µL
Micro sample tubes: 1 smear 38 µL
Raised bottom tube: 2 smears 70 µL

Glass slide SP-Slides: 76 x 26 x 1 mm
Software specifications Sample data storage: 10,000 samples
Error log: 5,000 entries
Reagent replacement log: 5,000 entries
Maintenance log: 5,000 entries
*Slides exclude the staining time.
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