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Thrombopoiesis Workflow Optimisation

TWO, an optional software add-on embedded in the Extended IPU, ensures your haematology analysers use the best available PLT count. The TWO algorithm selects the most suitable measurement technology for each individual patient case, following clear rules for when PLT-F measurements are beneficial. The TWO concept thereby ensures accurate and consistent platelet values while making alternative platelet analyses unnecessary and reducing the need for time-consuming manual counts.


The TWO – How does it work?

Once you have the TWO activated in your Extended IPU, you are notified about PLT-F reflex measurements performed due to interferences or extremely low counts. Details including some background information are available within the TWO dialogue window. To enhance monitoring throughout the follow-up of the patient, the TWO checks if previous samples of a patient have been measured using the PLT-F channel to ensure comparable PLT values. For unknown patients with unclear thrombocytopenia, the TWO also triggers a PLT-F measurement to make the immature platelet fraction (IPF) available, which has proven to be a valuable parameter for the support of the differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia.

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