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Tosoh HLC-723 G11® Analyser

The Tosoh HLC-723 G11® Analyser is the high-performance HPLC analyser within the Tosoh family. It has been specifically designed to cater to the ever-increasing number of HbA1c requests and a general need to optimise laboratory workflows. The Tosoh G11 analyser is a fast, precise, and user-friendly instrument.

With the Tosoh G11, there are three different analysis modes available. The standard mode delivers the HbA1c concentration, the variant mode provides a corrected HbA1c result in the presence of haemoglobinopathies and haemoglobin variants, and the β-Thalassaemia mode determines haemoglobin F(HbF) and haemoglobin A2 (HbA2) in whole blood samples to aid in the diagnosis of β-Thalassaemia.

Using the HPLC technology, the Tosoh G11 analyser displays the actual status of the patient’s blood sample and its haemoglobin fractions, providing clinicians with the foundation to make appropriate clinical decisions, and adjust therapy for better patient care.


Optimise your workflow through integration with the Sysmex XN-Series

Integrating the Tosoh G11 with the Sysmex XN-Series further optimises the HbA1c analysis workflow by consolidating all analyses on the EDTA tubes and ensuring data management via the Extended IPU. The modularity and scalability allow you to multiply your automated HbA1c processing capacity by integrating up to six Tosoh G11 analysers, all depending on your requirements.

Using the HPLC technique, the Tosoh analysers provide real haemoglobin fraction separation, high-resolution chromatograms, and complete haemoglobin profile information for reliable HbA1c results.


Technical Specifications
Technology Ion Exchange High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Standard mode:

  • separation of HbA1a, HbA1b, HbF, Labile HbA1c, Stable HbA1c, HbA0

Variant mode:

  • separation of HbA1a, HbA1b, HbF, Labile HbA1c, Stable HbA1c, HbA0
  • corrected HbA1c result, in the presence of some Hb variants

β-Thalassaemia mode:

  • separation of F, A2, A0, E+, D+, S+, C+
Integration options XR-9000
XN-9100 [Sorting & Archiving]
XN-9100 [Maximum Workload]

Standard mode:

  • +30 seconds per sample, 120 samples/h

Variant mode:

  • +60 seconds per sample, 60 samples/h

β-Thalassaemia mode:

  • +5 minutes per sample, up to 12 samples/h
Aspiration sample volumes 3 μL whole blood in standard and variant mode
6 μL whole blood in β-Thalassaemia mode
Number of injections per HbA1c column minimum 3,000
Data management Via Extended IPU
H x W x D/weight [mm/kg]     
530 x 290 x 482/29
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Webinar: Tosoh G11 chromatogram interpretation

The diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes greatly rely on the essential parameter known as HbA1c. The Tosoh G11 analyser utilises the HPLC method to deliver dependable HbA1c results, offering high-resolution chromatograms and efficient separation of haemoglobin fractions.

This training is designed to equip you with valuable insights into the Tosoh Glycohemoglobin Analyser G11 and its potential impact on HbA1c determination. Focusing on the G11 analyser, interpretation of chromatograms, and HbA1c results, this training aims to provide you with practical tools to enhance your daily routine work.

Enrol now.

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